Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Skin Makeup

I am liking this product so I will try some more of what they have to offer.  My next purchase was the Good Skin All Firm Makeup.  Comes in a nothing fancy bottle in many shades.  The liquid make up goes on like any others.  To me, it seems to stay with you all day.  The look is still fresh throughout the day. It is supposed to soften wrinkles.  I really cant' comment on that Because I don have many wrinkles at this point in my life.  But it is a stay all day make up that evens out my skin tone.  No I asked at the Kohls counter.. There is not any other Good Skin Cosmetics, at least at this time!

Brightening cream and serum

After I finished the acne trial kit I decided I liked how the Good Skin Products worked, but was eager to try something that fit my skintype.  I decided to try the the All Bright Moisture Cream.  It is supposed to illuminate skin, moisturize and even out skin tone.  After using it twice a day fro a few days it seemed to work well.  I did notice a brightens in my skin.  After continually using It I no longer notice a difference.  This could be from my skin being continually brightened.  I also purchased the Good Skin All Firm Building Serum.  I use it twice a day and I notice a different in the texture of the skin on my face.  It seems to feel smooth and tight.